Freeing the People from a Federal Tyranny

Solutions, solutions.  This series of posts is all about solutions, and not just about what big government (the executive, legislative, and judicial) is doing to the citizen.  Basically, the Framers of our Constitution foresaw this day and time and built something into the Constitution to stop it!  And it is called the Article V convention of the States.


The U.S. Constitution, the framework for our federal system, offers two legal and legitimate ways of amending that document in times like these.  Only one way has been used so far…  The other, proposing and ratifying amendments through the States only, beckons our use.

First off, the traditional amendment process involves approval of an amendment by 2/3 of both Houses of Congress and ratification (the making-legit-function) of 3/4 of the several States.  This mode of applying amendments to our great document of the United States has only been used 27 times since the Constitution’s own ratification in 1787.  That is the “traditional” way, because it is the only way that it has been successfully done to date.

Now, an “Article V convention of the States,” is another way to legitimately and legally amend our great Constitution but with one important difference – it is done without the federal government’s involvement whatsoever.  This is a dream for those of us who love our country and our individual liberties but see the federal government as a threat rather than as a solution to regaining those fundamental liberties.  This process involves 2/3 of the States’ legislatures (their “mini-congresses”) to propose whatever set of amendments they like and, then, offer it up to the rest of the Union to ratify (3/4 of the States is what is needed).


Two methods exist to amend our country’s Constitution: the “traditional” way, involving the federal Congress, and a Convention of States, a method that still remains to be used.

A lot of fractions!  But it’s liberty!

2/3 needs to bring them up for debate, and then 3/4 is what is required to ratify them and make them legit.  Now does this sound like tyranny to you? – a central Leviathan consuming the value and dignity of the individual?  That’s what centralized, top-down, authoritarian, Washington-centric, Obamaism is about!  But this 2/3 here and 3/4 over there is what helps ensure that these augmentations to the federal Constitution are actually coming from the people of the United States, and if Congress will not propose amendments that the people want, then it is up to the States to offer them and, then, to ratify them.  The latter process of ratification may not be perfect, but letting an out-of-control Congress propose amendments to limit itself I don’t think is going to happen any time soon.  So, it’s the most perfect (and, perhaps, the last civil) option we do have.

How does this process work?  Who can be involved?  How can we get it underway?

An all-powerful tsunami of federal supremacy over the citizen is what will prevail if the good people of this nation stand idly by and do nothing.  This is the “something” that We the People can do while those words still have meaning!  This state convention, legal process is what is needed to put a belt on the bloated federal system (the executive, the legislative, and the judicial) before they put too many constraints on us!

May we not be among those who stare tyranny in the face yet prefer “lamentation to the hard work of purposeful action.”[1]

May we be among those who prefer action instead of tyranny.[2]

[Next blog: How to Effectively Place Term Limits on Congress]


[1] Levin, Mark R. The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2013. [Page 17]

[2] [Accessed January 22, 2016]

Image credit:

U.S. National Archives and Records Administration



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