Trump-Clinton Debate: Final Chapter


It is to the relief of many Americans that the final debate is finally over.  Partially, because it means that we are mere weeks away from this whole election cycle being over.  And partially because large swaths of us have grown weary of hearing these two adults fight with each other on stage more immaturely than we do with our co-workers.  If this is the best that our Republic has to offer us, then, boy, do we need a revival indeed!

The Moderator

The debate was moderated by Chris Wallace, who came off as demeaning and chiding in how he told the audience to not say a word during the whole televised event.  …It makes one wonder if an audience is needed if their feedback (like in a play or a TV show) is shut down and apparently not needed.  Why not have the candidates behind a glass wall, or why not pipe the broadcast into another room?  If the people’s presence is unnecessary, then take them out of the equation – it’ll make your job a lot easier, Chris Wallace.

The Candidates

As for Trump and Hillary: they have wrapped a hose around each other so thoroughly up to this debate and during that I think they both lost and people are still wondering what to do on Nov. 8th.  Hillary’s greatest attacks were Trump’s recent and alleged victims of sexual assault (best for last by the Democratic campaign); and Trump’s greatest advantage were the recent WikiLeaks exposing Clinton’s infiltration of Trump rallies causing assaults and hurt bodies (a very timely dump by powers abroad interested, presumably, in Hillary’s defeat).  I hope that the real and honest truth emerges and is embraced by the American people before Election Day arrives.  Let facts be facts and truths be truths, and let the country have the best option for its survival.  These are two bad candidates, and Americans want a third candidate – but even that option seems unpalatable.


Overall Impression

All three personalities came off as rather smug to me.  Hillary’s overtures and cackling were too rehearsed and annoying.  When Trump would be attacked by his counterpart, his demeanor would tend to tense up even more than where it was to begin with and then relax after a few seconds back to its staid, steely-eyed state.  The third debate is usually the culmination of years’ worth of research and self-analysis; so, what you see there is usually the best version of each candidate that he/she desires.  A lot of work has been put into tonight, and I think that you got the best performance of each in a debate setting: Hillary with her bobbing head, and Trump with his squinting eyes.  She didn’t have a seizure, and he wasn’t unrestrained.

As far as the appearance of being more substantive (they both could have done better in this regard), the former Obama staffer spat out the names of more topics than Trump did, although he was good at the rhetorical flourishes which most politicians yearn to master.  We yearn for both rhetorical prowess and cold hard facts in a debate, speech, or TV interview.  You can’t have just one or the other and win an election and advance a worthy movement.  (Reagan understood this and was gifted in both.)  Like a typical statist, all the wife of the impeached pervert had was rhetoric, because her record (which is worsening) is horrible.  She even cited the unpopular and forced Obamacare as a great healthcare system because it props up another healthcare system – both of which are state-run and both of which are going under.

I do think that Trump came off as strong, but I’m concerned that he might have come off as too strong or arrogant.  And, honestly, juxtaposed to her, I don’t think that he came off as really too differently than she.  At several points, all three – the Democrat, the Republican, and the moderator – all talked over each other.  I think the interjectory one-liners from Trump during Hillary’s time where sometimes funny but mostly unnecessary and will probably be used as political fodder by his Leftist opponents, whereas Hillary’s self-willed and long extensions of her time were always obnoxious and probably didn’t help her at all.

All in all, we’ll have to see what the polls say after this debate to see who “won the hearts of many,” because from what I see neither the Donald nor the long time political fixer successfully painted the other as terrifically worse than oneself – which is unfortunate for both parties and unfortunate for America.

Specific Points of Interest

Donald Trump used the word constitution repeatedly in response to what caliber of justices he would appoint to the Supreme Court if elected and argued pretty well, I thought, that that sacred document ought to be interpreted as the Framers originally intended it to be interpreted.  Hillary Clinton basically wants to put as many court justices who are liberal in the third branch of civil government and that, as Antonin Scalia ardently warned and taught, is a bad thing for the constitution and a free republic.  Conservatives see that any form of government, whether it is called “America” or not, when put in the hands of a relative few is tyranny and freedom, and the blessings thereof, die.

Clinton stated that “33,000” human beings in America die a year due solely to gun violence.  She said that closing “gun show loopholes” will fix that.  How many deaths in America in the last year were caused by any gun purchased via said “loopholes”?  33,000 of them?  Look, she, like any good statist, wants power over the individual human being, not his safety.  Look at the utter loss of humanity in Democrat-controlled metropolitan areas in America with the most severe gun restrictions?  Is it just the good intentions that matter in that case?  The violence is caused by Democrats.  How about Obamacare degrading our once-best healthcare system in the world?  Is this, another Democrat plan, not causing more deaths in American families than if Americans were just left alone by the federal government?

Finally, how about Benghazi and the rise of the murderous ISIS in Iraq and all over the Middle East over which she, as Secretary of State under Obama, presided?  She and the Left are really for life after birth.  Aren’t they.  She feels nothing for the poor and cares nothing for “the little guy.”

Trump took a stand against partial birth abortion – aborting a fetus up to the day of delivery – whereas Clinton took a stand for Planned Parenthood which actively targets today black children in black neighborhoods.  She also lied, saying that partial birth abortion does not extend as late into the pregnancy as it does, referring to truth as “scare rhetoric.”  (Hey, if the federal government wants to stick its nose in that business, then we have to fight back hard and at least discuss it.  And if we are only free to talk about liberal policies so long as it goes only in a particular direction, then we are talking about a totalitarian state, then, aren’t we?)

The pro-life movement needs a leader to discuss not just the value of life within a mother’s womb but also outside of it and how real, constitutional conservatism, with its emphasis on life and morals and the civil society, is a much clearer alternative than “one more government program,” “one more government program,” “one more tax increase,” one more tax increase,” “you have no idea…it’s really going to work this time!”  Trump did more on the pro-life matter than I thought he might, but we still have a long way to go to get the whole message out there.  Life extends from the womb to the tomb, and our government, which is ruled by political masterminds who are temporary yet whose power is forever, needs to have minimal involvement all in all.

The illegal immigration issue is a big mess.  Clinton said that her “open borders” comment was really about “energy,” but the comment was “open trade AND open borders.”  Trump was able to pin her down on that comment, pointing out how fast she swiveled from talking about her wanting no borders to how evil Vladimir Putin is.

The U.S. federal government is constantly at war with the private sector – that is, you and me.  If it doesn’t come from them, then they don’t like it!  The EPA and the cumbersome IRS – as well as other burdensome regulatory agencies within the government – are bigger stumbling blocks to American capitalism and financial prowess and than any foreign power or company, period.  Unleash the American economy; let foreign trade be free.  This is not something that the Great Trump understands or cares to understand.  In other words, he’s wrong.  Taking up a Bernie Sanders position on the legal border will not make America great again.  And his attacks on Ronnie were a bit…odd and uncouth.  I hope he wins, but…really?

The Clinton Foundation is another point brought up, which Trump bantered with but didn’t really bring it home like I have witnessed other personalities do.  The money that the Clintons have stolen from impoverished Haitians and sincere American citizens is disgusting and, again, speaks to the lie that the Democrat candidate just oh so much cares for women and children.  Women and children overseas and women and children here.  Women and children everywhere.  But her actions speak louder than words.  Unfortunately for Trump, his words speak louder than words; and Haitians or no Haitians, his comments from the past still haunt him and damage us as a party and as a movement.

I want Trump to win, because I don’t want America to loose.  And this nuke deal with Iran and amping up of statism to 11 will put up a higher wall than ever for conservatives to surmount if he looses.  Should he win, we don’t exactly have an easy feat either.

Thank God that that debate is over; but, boy, do we have some work to do!

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